DVD Workshop
“Commanding Color”
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“My goal as an instructor is to present you with as much design and color theory information as time allows and encourage you to take advantage of the inherent wet into wet qualities of watercolor. I believe in the power of planning and understanding the basics. The objective is not to change you, but to add to your core of knowledge. Then it is up to you to take this knowledge and apply it to the style and subject matter that suits you.”

These courses are designed to inspire your creativity: by learning to “see” and experience some of the different aspects of color theory; by exploring different design concepts; by experiencing and understanding the power of planning; and by using individual critiques for all. Their goal is to inspire the advanced beginners and intermediates, provide a review and challenges for the advanced student.

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Workshop-Achieving Textures With Watercolors and Painting On Alternative Surfaces
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Master Watermedia Workshop Course Outline
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Watercolor Workshop: Commanding Color and Design Course Outline
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2023 Workshops & Demos

June 5-9 2023 Cheap Joes Boone, NC
Watercolor: Thinking Outside the Box
Contact: Cheap Joes Art Stuff, on line or 1-800-227-2788

Workshop in the fall

At: The New Studio of the Visual Arts in Jupiter, FL

Workshops 2024

At: The New Studio of the Visual Arts in Jupiter, FL (NSVA)
At: Gold Coast Watercolor Society
At: Drawing Workshop at the NSVA www.the